Programs from March 2017

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The Birdhouse Project with Kris Munsch


Kris Munsch is the founder of The Birdhouse Project. After the death of his son Blake in 2005, Kris developed The Birdhouse Project as a tangible metaphor to help people rebuild their lives. Drawing on his experience as a wood shop teacher, and realizing the value of allowing people to participate in the learning process […]

What Men Need to Know About Grief


Kelly Farley and Host Ron Harder have a conversation about men and how they grieve. After the loss of 2 children, Kelly found out just how devastating grief can be for men who are of the mindset that they must be tough … that real men don’t show their emotions. Kelly started the Grieving Men […]

The Importance of Grief Work


Grief is the most difficult emotional journey we will ever endure. Through one loss, we realize there are many other things we have lost.  Therefore, life as we knew it previously will be different, and we need to find a new normal.   Alan Pedersen talks about some of the things we can do that will […]