Dealing With Grief

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Finding Joy In Sorrow


After her 18 month old baby died of a brain tumor, and she found little to no bereavement support, Darcie Sims dedicated her life to helping others deal with grief. She became a pioneer in teaching people how to work through their grief and find joy again.  In 2014 Darcy joined her son “Big A” in […]

Realistic Expectations of Grief


Pam Brubaker’s loss of her mother not too long before this interview was recorded really brought home to Pam that grief is an individual experience.  Although Pam has been a grief support group facilitator for many years, the loss of someone so close can affect us regardless of the amount of knowledge we have about […]

Getting Ready for the Holidays with Thanksgiving


Larry Curtis and our Host, Ron Harder, share a conversation about how we can be thankful during the holidays despite the sadness of our loss. “It’s important to have an attitude of gratitude as we process our grief.” Larry is a facilitator of a grief support group at Centerpoint Community Church in Roseville, as well […]

When We’re Too Busy to Grieve


When Mark Godshall’s mother died from cancer, Mark tried to stuff his grief because he had to “get back to work.”  He was a busy pastor with a lot of responsibilities that couldn’t be sidelined. When his mother-in-law died within a year after his mother’s death, he again tried to get right back to work […]

Can We Control Death and Grief?

Death of a loved one and Grief are universal experiences. They’re the most difficult aspects of life that many of us will endure. Shane Vincent and Debbie Tannenbaum, on staff with Bristol Hospice, talk about how difficult it is to accept that we have no control over the death of a loved one.  Further, at […]

Understanding Men and Their Grief


Dr. Bob Baugher, Ph.D., joins us again to discuss the common grieving style of men and the differences between the way men and women grieve.  His discussion of this topic provides much insight into understanding men and their grief.  Join us! Dr. Bob is a Professor of Psychology and author of several books on the […]

Hope for the Journey


Chaplain Mindy Russell is the Senior Chaplain and Executive Officer with Law Enforcement Chaplaincy-Sacramento. She shares helpful information with those who are dealing with a recent loss about how to find hope again. She also shares advice on how to bring encouragement to families who have lost a family member. Chaplain Mindy also shares about […]

Proactive Grieving


In the midst of our grief, we may feel as if we are lost in the Hundred Acre Wood.  Listen as Mitch helps us find our way in our quest to Turn Loss Into Legacy through Proactive Grieving. This program will help those who are grieving the loss of a loved one, as well as […]

The Grief Toolbox


Glen and Tanya Lord share about their journey as bereaved parents since the death of their 4 year old son, Noah, in 1999.  They talk about the pain of new grief and their experience with attending their first grief support group. They also share about their efforts to find grief resources on the Internet which […]

Grief In The Hundred Acre Wood


Grief According to Winnie the Pooh Mitch Carmody’s interview on Intentional Grief includes this 5 minute excerpt about personalities in grieving.  As he thought about the characters who lived in the Hundred Acre Wood with Winnie the Pooh, he realized that each one has a personality that was revealed when Eyore lost his tail.  Everyone […]