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Living with Suicide Loss


The suicide death of Gail & Steve Beeman’s 20 year old son took the entire community of Auburn CA by surprise. How could such a well liked young man end his own life?  Gail & Steve have learned a vast amount about depression and suicide, and have used what they have learned to help others.  […]

The Face of Suicide


In our society, there is a huge amount of stigma associated with suicide loss, largely due to lack of understanding as to why a person would choose to die by their own hand.  As a survivor of suicide, Heidi Crosbie shares insight into the mystery of suicide. We encourage you to read Heidi’s article, “The Face […]

The Gift of Second


Brandy Lidbeck has been personally and dramatically impacted by the suicide of loved ones. She shares her passion for other survivors to feel understood, connected, and encouraged that they are not alone.

Serving the Suicide Survivor


Marilyn Koenig, co-founder and Executive Director of Friends for Survival, helps our listeners understand some issues of grief that are often magnified for those whose loved one has died by their own hand.  This program will benefit anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one, as well as those who provide grief care, […]

Dealing with Suicide


Chaplain Joseph Williams shares the story of his childhood as an orphan, adopted by abusive parents, and subsequently living in 7 foster homes during his childhood.  He was rescued during his attempted suicide at the age of 12, and later had to deal with guilt and regret when his brother died by suicide.  His message […]

Dealing with Grief after a Death by Suicide


Marilyn Koenig, co-founder and executive director of Friends for Survival, shares about her journey following the loss of her son to suicide.  Friends for Survival is a Nationwide and International grief support organization that offers hope and grief care to those whose  loved one died by suicide.